After All This Time Elton John

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What taste is this upon my lips
A taste so sweet, what can that be
What is this scent upon the air
That fills my lungs and comforts me
And whispers low, how does it feel
To savor all such just revenge
To smell the fragrancy of loss
And drunkenly inhale his pain
How can it be your countenance
Is stripped of all his dash and dare
And what of your bold confidence
Could it have drowned in your despair


And after all this time
I wash my hands of your charade
And celebrate your fall from grace
Preserve that sad look on your face
And praise what God might manifest
Himself to beings such as us
For vengeance that at last is mine
Comes sweetly after all this time
If you'll allow me to recall
How my requests were swept aside
In every instance I beseeched you
I was shut out and denied
You shattered what I once believed
From the moment you arrived
And now you wonder why I gloat here
Revelling in your grand demise
You're arrogant beyond contempt
You beg to share my precious blood
I no sooner you in my veins
Than to see you with the ones you love

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