Lifetime Emeli Sandé

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DEreaming only lasts until you Awake up and you find you're not asEleep A 
SEilence only sticks around till sAomeone in the room decides to spEeak  A 

And lAuck runs out and hearts go cold
We're Eonly young until we're old
And sfisummer leaves us wondering where iEt went

The friAends you have can disappear
The whEole world can change within a year
And mfisoney only lasts until it's sEpent

But Hyocisu, ..fis.youH 
You last a lEifetime  A 
You last a lEifetime  A 

ETruth will change and time will fly
The pAarty lasts until the wine is gEone   A 
EThis time next week the radio will chAange its mind
And play a different cissong A 

We stHay in touch till we forget
And cisbeauty fades the kiss will end
And fGis7ame will love and leave you just as fAast
You'll hBave it all until it's gone
The bcisooks get burnt and statues fall
SGisometimes feels like nothing willA ever last

But AyoEu,fis ...Hyou
You last a lcisifetime  H 
You last a lAifetime  H 

cisHey lHove can we dAance together?
cisSince I fHound you feels like tAime don't matter
cisHey lHove now I fAeel much better
cisYou've shown mHe forevAer

See AyoEu,fis ...Hyou
You last a lcisifetime  H 
You last a lAifetime  H 

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