Dr.Stockill Emilie Autumn

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Attention all gentlemen, countryman,
good citizens and friends to the civilized world.
Insanity is on the rise.
Maidservants, housewives,
ladies of all breeding,
all are at risk.
Madness is a disease
and no one is immune.
Your mother, your daughter,
your sister, your wife,
all are in grave and deadly danger.
It is your duty to be vigilante,
listen, watch, be on your guard.
Any aberration no matter how
slight could be a sign of greater
and more dangerous deviations to come.
Protect your family, protect society,
protect your country, protect England.
Simply contact the Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls
to arrange for the speedy removal of the suspected.
Worry not for the inmate--uh,
I mean--the patient. We’ll take good care her.
Speedy removal from the home
is the only hope for a complete recovery.

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