Fergie's Mic Problems Fergie

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the trouble with mics is...
I've forgotten like a million times
to turn back on my microphone
for princes solo

(playing in atlanta...unsuccessfully)

and it's really horrible
and I feel like a jackass

(playing in las Vegas...unsuccessfully)

I'm paranoid and we get off stage
and i feel like people can hear us talking shit
because we always talk shit when we get off stage
so I'm turning off my mic right
and I go back on with Prince
and I'm all confident
like yeah what
play your solo and it's not on
and I'm the jackass

(playing in Boise...unsuccessfully)

so were gonna fix this problem
bobby and nick
bobby your gonna make sure that my mic is on
yes so..
thats what we do pass on
I'm sorry
I f**ked up
so yeah pass buck

(playing in Denver...successfully)

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