Loser Like Me Glee

AYeah, you may think that EIm a zero                        D 
ABut, hey, everyone you wannaE be                         D 

Probably started off like me
AYou may say thaEt Im a freakshow (I dont cDare)
ABut, hey, give me just a litEtle time                    D 

I bet youre gonna change your mind

AAll ofE the dirDt youve been throwin my way
AIt aiEnt so hard to take, thats riDght
ACause I know one day Eyoull be screamin my Dname                                                   A 
And Ill jEust look away, thats right D 

AJust go ahead and hate on me anEd run your mouth                     D 

So everyone can hear
AHit me with the words you got anEd knock me down                        D 

Baby, I dont care
AKeep it up, Im tunin up to fEade you out                 D 
You wanna be                  A 
You Ewanna be                D 
A loser like me               A 
EA loser like me             D 

APush me up againsEt the locker            D 
And hey, all I Ado is shake iEt off         D 

Ill get you back when Im your boss
AIm not thinkin bEout you haters              D 
Cause hey, I coAuld be a superstar          E 
DIll see you when you wash my car

All of the dirt youve been...

Just go ahead and hate on... x2

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