Heart Don't Change My Mind Glenn Medeiros

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We said we'd try again
But tryin's not enough
Acting like strangers ain't no way of making love
It's never gonna work
It's time to stop pretending
Time to turn the page
All stories need an ending
It makes no sense to stay
Livin' my life in yesterday
I'm leavin' I'm leavin' and I'm beggin' you

Heart don't change my mind
Oh heart be strong this time
And try to help me tell her goodbye
It'll only bring pain for us to stay
Oh heart it's hard for you I know
Let me let her go

Don't let me think about
How good it was before
I know you'll try anything
to keep me from that door
It's hard to leave her when
You've loved her for so long
Now how can I walk away
If you're still holdin' on now

I finnally found the strenght
Look at me I can finnally say it's over, it's over
So I'm beggin' you


It makes no sense to stay
Sad that it has to end this way
It's over, it's over


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