It Doesn't Matter Anymore Glenn Medeiros

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Why do I feel so cold inside?
Why does the truth seem like a lie?
Just when I started to believe in you

You must have been just a little confused
You must have thought you have nothing you can lose
Because, baby, you once said
When I walked away from you

You cannot change my mind
Well at least you could have tried
But it doesn't matter anymore

Who was right, who was wrong?
It doesn't matter anymore
Cause we're not together
Now there is one more thing
That I want to say to you
It doesn't matter anymore anyway

What would you do now with all your time?
How will you fill this space I've left behind?
Is there another heart that you can find?

It seemed I've learned my lesson
I should have never tried to test your love
As well as I realized it was never strong enough

You said we were never meant to be
But we could afford the meaning
But it doesn't matter anymore


Just a thing that I would have given my life to you
But ir doesn't matter anymore
Now there are still so many things
That I want to say to you
But it doesn't matter anymore
It doesn't matter anymore, anymore

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