The Fall Good Charlotte

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It's so cold outside
just the lonely leave their homes
a gust of wind came by
and filtered my mind
don't have to turn the heat on
thoughts of you keep me warm
pictures of you by the fireplace, in the fireplace cause your
this fall - i fall for you, now im fallin apart

i fell for you - i fell for you- i fell for you
now im falling apart -im fallin apart - im falling apart -
im falling apart

this place reflects my life and all around
leaves fall like hearts to the ground
fragile and gentle just like you
or maybe that was me
but just like the leaves - smiles change but i never do
and when that smile leaves - the fall begins as i do too
this fall i fall for you now im fallin apart


this fall we had to part
but i couldnt leave
so if you think of us next fall
just send away for me
wait for me when your gone
come next fall i still be holding on
if you come around
what should i do
why even stay here
when all i have is you
i want you to go
but i need you to stay
one other year is just too far away
i want you to go
i want you to know
i want you to hold

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