I've seen that face before Grace Jones

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Zwrotka 1
a Strange, I've seen that face bB7/Aefore
d6/A Seen him hanging round my a door
C6/GLike a hawk stealing for the B7/F#prey 
b7 Likeb5/F the night waiting for the dE7ay

a Strange, he shadows me back B7/Ahome
d6/A Footsteps echo on the a stone
C6/GRainy nights on Haussmann B7/F#Boulevard
b7 Parib5/Fsian music drifting from the bE7ars

Asus4Tu cherches A7quoi
d A rencontrer la mort?
Tu te d7 prenb5/G#ds pour qui?  G7  
Toi C7+ aussi, tu detestes la vb7 ie  b5    E7  

a B7/A d6/A a

Zwrotka 2
a Dance in bars and restaB7/Aurants
d6/A Home with anyone who a wants
C6/GStrange, he's standing there alB7/F#one  
b7 Starb5/Fing eyes chill me to the bE7one

a B7/A d6/A a

C6/G B7/F#

b7 b5/F E7

Asus4Dans sa A7chambre
d Joelle et sa valise
Un regad7 rd sb5/G#ur ses fringues    G7  
Sur les C7+ murss photos b7 sansb5 regrE7et
Sans a melo?, la porte est claquee?
B7/AJoelle est barre?

d6/A a

a B7/A d6/A a

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