Lovely fire HeartNoise

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  • Tekst piosenki Laura Jończak
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Intro: Inside of the darkness in my thoughts
I'm searching for light in your heart
Can you even see what you've done?

1. Do have now what you wanted?
Do you understand why the sky is red again?
It's sad to watch your cries.

But I don't care!
I'm not afraid!

Ch: You're screaming in silence alone!
In that lovely fire..
Begging for help it's too late!
You're a riot
Now it's okay!
To cry aloud and die in empty walls

But I don't care
I'm not afraid!
It is too late!
To cry for help!

Ch: You're screaming in silence alone! ...

That lovely fire... is burning your soul from inside...

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Laura Jończak
Laura Jończak