Over The Mountain (Across The Sea) Johnnie & Joe

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COver the mountain, aecross the sea.
FThere's a girl, she's wGaiting for Cme.

CCross over the ariver, bFeyond every cGloud,
CShe's passed the awind, that's bFlowing Gloud.
C a F G C a | F | G
Over the mountain, a girl, waits for me.

CTell all the saands, and eFvery blade of gGrass.
CPlease tell the waind, to lFet my love pGass.
C a F G C F | C | C7
Over the mountain, a girl waits, for me.

FTell the moon, up in the sky.
CTell the birds, that fly by..
That Dover and over and over, the mountain,
My Glove waits, for G7me.

CInto each daark, and sFtarry nGight.
COh, what a maystery, that's seFaled so tiGght.
C a F G C a | F | G
Over the mountain, a girl waits for me.

C | a | F | G
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