Destination anywhere Jon Bon Jovi

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Hey Babe, it's me parked outside your house
I know that he's asleep, so listen to me now
Darlin', I'm tired of living just in your dreams
I'm getting out
You know we both sold our souls
We're just growing old, in this sleepy, dead-end town

Destination Anywhere
Name the place and I'll be there
Pack a bag and we're out of here - let's run

Baby, we both been running uphill for too long
We both settled for something, got nothing
And we both know it's wrong
Go on admit it we lived it, I'm leaving -
Get your boots and come on
I got my coat and my keys, I need you next to me
Then I'm gone


Destination Anywhere
Left or right, I don't care
Maybe we'll just disappear like the sun

When these wheels spin, they can all eat our dust
As far as I'm concerned, this whole town's lost its nuts
We won't be here when they put us down
It's our big chance and I'm calling you now
They'll never let us go unless we try
I'm tired of living just to die
We're getting out of here, destination anywhere


Come on, come on, come on

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