Naked Jon Bon Jovi

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My friend had a girlfriend
She liked her drink
Sucked the head off her lager
Threw me a wink
& she said to me "Buddy, what's your sign?"
I was off I was runnin'
Knocked me clean off my feet
Her tongue kept on selling
What any blind man could see
I just kept on stumbling through the stop signs
She said "What you hiding underneath that shirt?"
Right behind the buttons there's a heart that hurts
Adam's evening left the curse
Take it off make it work

Naked - Naked - Just get back to basics
Naked - Face it - you can't fake it when you're
Naked - face it

All I'm saying
The tall you been chasing
Put the k back in kink
Threw a coin in her jukebox
I started to think
She just smiled and offered me a peace sign
How far you gonna run in those designer shoes
The soul with holes ain't gonna be the one you lose
I don't know which one is worse
Adam, me or you

All I'm saying

Take it, embrace it
Baby, here we are
Can't you almost ... taste it


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