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Critical Jonas Brothers

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There’s a storm comin’ up and I gotta prepare myself
Cuz this feeling’s gettin’ stronger every day
Something’s creeping inside, everything is about to change
Gotta face the fact that I can’t walk away

This is critical, I am feelin’ helpless
So hysterical and this can’t be healthy
I can’t eat or sleep when you’re not with me
Baby, you’re the air I breathe
This is critical, yeah
So stuck on you

Used to have everything figured out, but it’s different now
When you came, you saw
You conquered my heart
It’s your laugh and your smile
Wanna stay for a little while
I don’t wanna go; I just want you in my arms


I used to run and hide, used to back out of love
But I can’t escape this time, oh no


Baby, it’s so critical
So critical
Yeah, I like it
It’s so critical
So critical
So stuck on you

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