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Guess the dreams always end - they don't rise up just descend
But I don't care anymore - I've lost the will to want more
I'm not afraid, not at all - I watch them all as they fall
But I remember when we were young

Those with habits of waste - their sense of style and good taste
Of making sure you were right - hey, don't you know you were right?
I'm not afraid anymore - I keep my eyes on the door
But I remember

Tears of sadness for you - more upheaval for you
Reflects a moment in time - a special moment in time
Yeah, we wasted our time - we didn't really have time
But we remember when we were young

And all God's angels beware - and all you judges beware
Sons of chance take good care - for all the people out there
I'm not afraid anymore - I'm not afraid anymore

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