Help Me Survive Kasia K8 Rościńska

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It’s almost ten o’clock, it’s getting dark outside
I have to do the job, I keep my gun beside,
The mystery excites and danger turns me on
I promise to myself: maybe just this once …

I’m walking in the rain, lonely through the night
I love and hate this game, dancing with the crime
My time is running out, it’s time to say goodbye,
Help me survive! Help me survive!

She’s a lonely, pretty girl, friends with guns and art,
who can help her to pull out of that crazy life?
Once we met in a bar, I looked into her eyes
I saw a cry for help, I will never let her die!

We can’t go together for this kind of life.
Yes, I know, but I’m too mesmerized to stop
Don’t you ever lose your head when it’s getting hot?
No … and I don’t wanna lose you.

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