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We All Fall Down Kate Alexa

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I know it doesn't go the way you want
Sometimes you almost get to feel it
but then its gone
I know your looking for the shadows on the wall
its like you disappear, you feel so small

I'm here, your there
I feel what your going through
Cause I, I been there
exactly where you are

Cuz we all fall down
We are all so beautifully imperfect
What's lost is found
And in the end, its always worth it
Are you gonna walk away, maybe this could be the day
It turns around cuz we all fall down
We all fall down

Its gonna be okay
The sun is reaching us through the clouds and rain
Hold on, in a moment all of it can change
You think you messed it up & your to blame
For it, for everything, its time to let it go


it gonna be okay, we all make mistakes
we do what we can, just to find our way
i'll be here for you, u will make it thru
gonna make it thru

We all fall down
whats lost is found


we all fall down
we all fall down

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