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Wakacyjny Konkurs Śpiewnikowy
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Intertwined Katerine

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You hold my hands as we kiss
I know you tried to resist it at first
But nothing comes near to this
You don't know whether to kiss me curse
The way I crept up on you
Today so out of the blue

Now we're intertwined
All our loving so sublime
Like we're touching heaven high
You were waiting for me

Something gets lost in the mix
When we lose sight
Of the path made for us
With all its turns and its twists
Is this a secret or can I discus
The way you crept up on me
You made this woman so free

Something gets lost
When we're translating
Our hopes and fears
Will we come clean
With what we're facing
And admit that we're
Chasing our dreams
We're so

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Wakacyjny Konkurs Śpiewnikowy

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