Lady Kenny Rogers

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aLady, I'm your d6knight in shining Garmor and I alove you
You have d6made me what I Gam and I am ayours.
aMy love, there's d6so many ways I Gwant to say I alove you
Let me d6hold you in my Garms forever amore.

You have d7gone and emade me such a afool
FI'm so C/Elost in your Asus4love.A
And d7oh, we ebelong atogether
FWon't you C/Ebelieve in my Asus4song.A

aLady, for d6so many years I Gthought I'd never afind you
You have d6come into my Glife and made me awhole.
aForever let me d6wake to see you Geach and every amorning
Let me d6hear you whisper Gsoftly in my aear.

In my d7eyes I see eno one else but ayou
FThere's no C/Eother love Asus4like our Alove.
And d7yes, oh yes, I'll ealways want you anear me
FI've waited for C/Eyou for so Asus4long.A

F7+ Lady, G/Fyour love's the Conly G/Blove I a7needG
And F7+ beside me G/F where I Cwant G/Byou to a7 beG
'Cause, F7+ my love,G/F there's somethin' CI want G/Byou to a7 knowG
You're the Flove C/Eof my d7life, Gyou're my alady.

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