How to disappear Lana Del Rey

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G e
G e

[Zwrotka 1]
JGohn met me down at the boe ulevard
CGry on his shoulder 'cause le ife is hard
The wCaves came in over my hDead
WGhat you been up to my be aby?
HaGven't seen you 'round here le ately
ACll of the guys tell me lDies but you dH7on't
You jue st crack another Dis+ beer 
And prGetend that you're stilCis- l here

[Refren 1]
CThis is DhowH7 to de isaph pear
This is Chow Dto disGappear    e   

G e

[Zwrotka 2]
JGim met me down at the te raining yard
GoGt cuts on his face 'cause he e fought too hard
I Cknow he's in over his Dhead
ButG I love that man like ne obody can
HGe moves mountains and turns them to ge round again
And I wCatched the guys getting Dhigh as theyH7 fight
For thee things that they holdDis+ dear
To Gforget the things theCis- y fear

CAnd this is hDow H7they e disaph pear
This isC hDowH7 thee y dish appear

Well Gnow, it's been years since I le eft New York
And IG've got a kid and two e cats in the yard
The CaClifornia sun and the Dmovie stars
And CI watched the skies getting lDight as I H7write
As I e think about those yDis+ ears 
And I wGhisper in yourCis- ear 

CI'm always goiDng H7to bee righ ht here
No one's CgoiDngH7 ane ywherh
I'm always gCoiDngH7 to e be righh t here
No one'sC goiDng anyGwhere

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