Basil (2008 Demo) Linkin Park

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Yeah (x2)
And I'm taking my time
I'm shaping and shaking the rhyme
Like I'm staking my claim
Like I'm making a bomb
I'm making it simple and plain
That I'm sick of the game
Sick of the simple and same
I got that reality rap back to the basics
Give me that beat
It is what its got to be
Cause the rhythms an addiction that I got to feed
You could say what you think that it ought to be
And pop lip to your buddies
Just not with me
Cause I'm heavy with the track drums
Cat with the boom bap back in action
Slap all your crew back to a fraction
Rap like a Wu pack on my back, son
And they do, cause the rep stay solid and true
[?] probably stop it 'fore we do
Something stupid and ridiculous
Looking so sick of this
Moving music to the life and death until your breath is

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