Leave Out All The Rest Linkin Park

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I dreamed I was a missing
You were so scCared
But no one would lFisten
?cause no one else cad red
After my dreaa ming
I woke with this fCear
What am I leavFing
When I?m done hd ere?

So if you?re asFking me
I want you to kd now

Refrao :
When my a time comes
Forget the wrong that CI?ve done
Help me leave beFhind some
Reasons to be mid ssed
And don?t resa ent me
And when you?re feeCling empty
Keep me in your meFmory
Leave out all thd e rest
Leave out all the ra est

Don?t be afCraid (RIff 1 Novamente)
Of taking my beaFting
I?ve shared that d I?m me
I?m strong on the sa urface
Not all the way thCrough
I?ve never been perFfect
But neither have d you

So if you?re askFing me
I want you to kd now

Refrao: 1x.

ForgFetting all the hd urt inside
You?ve learned to act so well a   

Someone elsCe can come
And save me from mysFelf
I can?t be whd o you are

Refrao: 1x

Forgetting all the hurt inside
You?ve learned to act so well
Someone else can come
And save from myself
I can?t be who you are
I can?t be who you are

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