Endless love Lionel Richie

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My Love,
there's only you in my life.
The only thing that's bright.
My first love,
you're every breath that I take,
you're every step I make.
And I,
I want to share all my love with you no one else will do.
And your eyes, (your eyes, your eyes)
they tell me how much you care.
Ohoho yes ,
you will always be my endlesslove

Two hearts,
two hearts that beat as one.
Our lifes had just begun.
Forever I'll hold you close in my arms.
I can't resist your chance.
My love, ( oh love)
I'll be a fool for you.
I'm sure you who know
I don't mind. (oh, you know I don't mind)
Cause you,
you mean the world to me.
Oh I know , (I know)
I found (I found)
in you my endlesslove.

Ohohohoho, and I (oh love) ,
I'll be that fool for you.
I'm sure you who know
I d'ont mind (ohoho, you know I don't mind)
(How I don't mind)
and yes you'll be the only one.
Cause no one can deny this love
I have inside and I'll give it all to you my love,
(my love, my love, )
my endlesslove.

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