7 years Lukas Graham

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e G C D
e G C

eOnce I was seven yDears Gold,
my momma told Cme,
go make yourself some friends or you'll be DloneGly
eonce I was Seven years oldG            C 

eIt was a big Dbig Gworld,
but we thought we were biggCer.

Pushing each other to the limits,
we were lDearning quickeer.
By eleven smoking Dherb
and drinking buGrning liqCuor
Never rich so we were out to make that Dsteady figure

eOnce I was eleven Dyears Gold,
my daddy told Cme,
go get yourself a wife or you'll be Dlonely.
eOnce I was eleven yeDars olGd     C 

eI always have tDhat dGream
like my Daddy before Cme

So I started writing songs
I started Dwriting stories  e 
Something about that DgloGry,
just always seemed to bore Cme,

Cause only those I really love
will ever Dreally know me

Oence I was twenty Dyears Gold,
my story got Ctold,
before the morning sun, when life was Dlonely.
eOnce I was twenty Dyears Gold        C 

eI only see Dmy Ggoals,
I don't believe in failCure.

Cause I know the smallest voices,
they can Dmake it major,  e 
I got my boys DwithG me at least those in favoCr

and if we don´t see before I leave,
I hope to Dsee you later.

Onece I was twenty yeDars olGd
my story got Ctold

I was writing about everything,
I saw beDfore me
eOnce I was twenty yeDars olGd       C 

eSoon we´ll be 30 Dyears Gold
our songs have been Csold

we've traveled around the world
and we´re still DroaGming
eSoon we´ll be 30 yDears oGld     C 

eI´m still learning about life G 
my woman brought children for me  C 
so I can sing them all my songs
and I can Dtell them storGies
CMost of my boys are with me
C7+ some are still out seeking glory   C 
And some I had to leave behind
my brother I´m sFis/Dtill sorry

CSoon I´ll be sixty Dyears eold
my daddy got sixty-Done
remember life and then your Fis/Dlife
becomes a better one C 

I made a man so happy
Dwhen I wrote a eletter once
bI hope my children come and visit

once or twice a month

CSoon I´ll be sixty yDears oGld
will I think the world is Dcold
or will I have a lot of Fis/Dchildren

who can warm me
CSoon I´ll be sixty Dyears Gold     C 

eSoon I´ll be sixty years oldD      G 
will I think the world is Ccold
or will I have a lot of children
who can Dwarm me
eSoon I´ll be sixtDy yeaGrs old  C 

eOnce I was seven years old,           G 
my momma told Cme,
go make yourself some friends or you'll be Glonely
eonce I was seven yeaDrs oldG        C 

eonce I was seven years old  D      G 

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