She Got The Best Of Me Luke Combs

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ESeventeen you don't thHink that much about gis7life, yFisou just live it
LEike kerosene danHcing around a fgis7ire, buFist you're in it
So you jEump rHight in, ain't afEraid to fHall, and you give it allFis  

She got the bEest of mHe, sgis7he broke my heaFisrt
Now all thats lEeft of mHe, igis7s beating in this guiFistar
EvEery night a diffHerent town, she fgis7ollows me arouFisnd
So you get whats leEft of mHe, yeah you get whats gis7left of mFis
Cause she got the beEst of Hme   gis7       Fis  

EI picked my self uHp off the floor and fogis7und something new worFisth living for
EOne dusty hHand-me-down six string gis7 and a couplFise cords
EI'm getting over hHer a little mEore with evHery song, so sing alongFis  

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