The Third Man Małgola, No

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I don't think that you're the one
At least not for me
Because in my heart there's a place
For someone who's sensible
With arms that would hold me
Not just when I fall
And I know he's there
But not with you

I don't think that I'm the one
I don't think you'd care
When one of us is a beauty
And I know I'm not good enough
But I'd still love to try
You're so close to ideal
That I literally fear that I might lose you

But when he's there I know I could tell
I love him
A look in his eyes and I'd recognize
I love him
With just one stare I'd immediately tell
I love him
A look in his eyes and I'd realize
I love him
It can't be any of you

I'll love him
The third man

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