Barefoot Cinderella Miley Cyrus

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Ohh yeah

Every morning
I wake up to find
I always dream the same.
Every night I come to my window
When you call my name
But the way the words
You say just fall like rain
Till I'm drowning in the sound of your invitation

When you ask "do you wanna dance, my barefoot cinderella"
Don't need no slippers or a party dress,
The way you're lookin' right
Now is what I like the best
And then you...
Say "do you wanna take a chance?
Stay with me forever
No one will ever be more beautiful
My barefoot, my barefoot cinderella."
yeah, ohh...

A dream world is always perfect
But thats not my real life
Wish you did but you don't know
Then me I am inside
I pray that you'll come lookin' and I won't hide (won't hide)
I'm smiling when you find me
Coz I've been waiting


When I close my eyes it starts, yeah,
Like a movie for my heart,
Here comes my favourite part.
yeaahhhh... ohhhh...

Chorus: /x2

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