If We Were A Move Miley Cyrus

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Go, o
there you e7 go again, talkin C9cimematic
Gyea, you
you'e7 ;re charming, C9got eveDry boDsus4dy star-struck
Gi know
how you ae7 lways seem to C9go
for the e7 obivious, instead of C9me
but e7 get a ticket, C9and you'll see

if Gwe were a movie
e7 you'd be the right guy
and C9i'd be the best friend
Dsus4you'd fall in love with... inG the end
we'd be laughin
e7 watchin the sunset
fade to C9black
show the e7 names
play that Dsus4hapDpy song... yea

Gyea, yea
when you ce7 all me, i can C9hear it in youGr voice
oh, sure
you wanna se7 ee me, and C9tell me alDsus4l aDbout her
Gla, la
i'lle7 be acting thruC9 my tears
guess you'e7 ;ll never know
that Dsus4i should win
and e7 oscar for the C9scene i'm in

Gwish i could tell you there'e7 s a twist
some kind of hereo in the C9sky
and wer're together, itDsus49;s for real
now Dplaying
Gwish i could tell you there'e7 s a kiss
like something more than in my C9mind
i see it, could be Dsus4amaDzing

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