Monkey Natalia Przybysz

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I'm just a little monkey
Who's happend to be flexible
I love to learn new things
I love to be adorable

Love U - I love me
I like all the things that surrounds me
Love U- love to sing
My mind is here

I'm just a little monkey
Who's happend to be so flexible
All day I can hang out on my tree
And do nothing

I'm watching world upside down
I only look at them how
They all struggle to go to work, buy some things
While I enjoy my day
Believing life is great
I even read to my dog!

Sometimes I'm a blue monkey
I do have some worse and better days
But only when I'm hungry
So feed me and then become my friend

If You watch me closely
I will show You something
In my eye there is only
A reflection of You
So if You will be smilling
Soon You'll see me turning
And if You'll be dancing
Soon You'll hear me singing:
"Be with me, stay with me, be with me on my tree"

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