Bitch Switch Nexx

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I know - Boy you think I'm hot
But I'm not for free
"You think you're macho"
Come on - Show me what cha got
Can you handle me?
"I - I don't think so"

Try to steal a kiss
Hey I won't put up with this
All you should know

You better think it over
Keep your hands off
My Bitch Switch
You better not blow it
Keep your pants on
'n' don't touch my Bitch Switch

Oh Boy - I know watcha want
Permission to land
"I'm flyin' solo"
You wish you could take me home
For a one-night-stand
"I - I don't think so"

Wanna grab my hips
Hey I'm at your fingertips
Still you should know


'Cause I have had enough, enough of you
I'll keep my thies wide shut
So dream on, dream on


Hey you, whats that sound?
I know you wanna see her goin down
Oh yeah, shes so fresh
You want a little kiss?
Now listen to this:

Look but dont touch
This girl aint asking much
Show me youve got class
Or Ill kick your sorry as


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