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I've been looking for something all my life
Always short of one thing to make it right
All the time I kept a foot outside the door
Always haunted by a drive for so much more
Never satisfied enough to let it go

But now that I have found you
The feeling i get when i'm around you
I've no place left to go
And i didn't see until i found you
That love could make me grow
Now i know
Wherever you want to is where I'll call my home

No I never gave enough to get attached
And I never knew exactly what I lacked
Making sure to always leave an easy out
Every yes was always tainted with a doubt
Never thought I'd learn what love was all about


I never cared too much
Was always on the go
Living with a sense of hesitation
You healed me with your touch
It's there and now i know my destination


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