Angel In Disguise OMC

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C e a F

You're gCiven all your leoving, your paassion is the Fkey
CSending out eambition witha positivityF 
Solitude brings comfort to a poisoned population
Acting out on instinct feels more than what it seems

Hesitations breeds stimulation to the hardened mind
You're the heaven sent, you're the real McCoy, an angel in disguise
CYou came to eme laike a vFision, Cin dearkness ayou brFought light
CYou'ree so unaderstanFding, Cmy aengela in Fdisguise


FYou spread your wEings and faly into the nFight
You light the fEire that aburns deep down Finside

We're basically optimistic mapping out the course
You're the Queen of Sheba, hiding out in the South of France
You play the part like a movie star, performing to perfection
You protect the weak on Alphabet St., you're the voice in the dark

Suddenly it all made sense wisdom for the wise
You've opened up imagination, my angel in disguise

You came to me like a vision, in darkness you brought light
You're so understanding, my angel in disguise

You spread your wings and fly into the night
You light the fire that burns deep down inside

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