A Donkey Named Cheetah Outlandish

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Damn, I don't know why they stress me out
And they keep looking at me with them dark eyes
I'm tired, give me room, let me breathe
For your own good

Rapverse1 (Isam)

How dare me! Me??? Assimilated
Ya crazy!
Cuz the gap between me and my dad is big
Don't change me
Fact is, I don't even speak his lingo
Still call the place he left 30 years ago home
I'm tired of this politics
It's cut between 2 cultures
Got them both bodied in my backyard like vultures
Picture me rolling
On a donkey named Cheetah
With 2 barrels of water, let the waterman lead ya
Either ya follow the drip drops or my Cheetahs dudu
Either way kid, I'm living proof
You will get through
Enough cash to send grandma first class to Mecca
First things first, ya know! Discipline playa
Giving back to moms and pops for all these years
Trying to raise a kid up here like they do down there
Heads to the sky, clear - when it comes to my fam
Groceries they know I supply in whatever demand
Now can I live…


Rapverse2 (Lenny)

Esperanzados a que
Yo caiga, y si caigo
Sigo mi camino
Yo me integro, no asimilo
Ya he ganado suficiente
Mis tatuajes los llevo hasta la muerte
Mis ojos no ven todo
No soy ejemplo de nada
Las palabras a seguir las estrellas para admirar
No las indico yo
Si no puedo aprender no te puedo enseñar
¿Esta claro no?
Que lo que digo y lo que hago aquí
Es criticado, comparado, exagerado, así
Que lo mejor es ignorar, superar y conseguir
Lo importante para mí.


They're wishful thinking my downfall
And if I fall
I just keep it going my way
Integrate, don't assimilate
I have allready won enough
My tatoos I'll carry to the my grave
My eyes don't see everything
I'm not an example of anything
The words to follow and the stars to admire
It ain't me who indicate 'em
If I can't learn how can I teach you
It is clear, isn't it? That what I say,
And what I do here
It's critized, compared and exaggerated, that's why
The best is just to ignore,
Overcome and get what's important for me.


Rapverse3 (Majid)

No thoughts just mass confusion
No rest we chase empty illusions
Is it my mind thinking or my heart speaking
Maybe I'm just stressed out
It's probably that
Mom's always yelling where you been
And pop's saying rap ain't gon' pay the rent
So stressed when I gotta do this shit
Cause at the same time I'm working 10 to 6
Many things on my mind I can't think straight
Sometimes I wanna quit but maybe it's too late
Or maybe I'm weak
And far from debate
Or maybe its just God pushing me towards my faith

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