Eyes Never Dry Outlandish

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Ain't gonna be the one who's lost
One who's gone
One who's wrong, no
Don't wanna be the falling one
Crawling one
Drowning one, no
What a beautiful day today
And I can't get a lil' smile from ya
Should've known about everything
I guess, I wasn't made up for what u wanted to
Still the meaning ain't clear
Somebody keeps crying in the morning
And it never dries
I gotta find a way out of the moaning
And I hope I'll get it done in due time
Sure, life is hard
Sure, time is now
Just keep on believing
And u gon' be winnin' 'em all
In due time...

The Lord gon'
Be there


It's all gon' be alright
You ain't got's to cry
Day in & day out
Eyes never dry

It's all gon' be alright
You ain't got's to cry
Day in & day out
Eyes are never dry

Rapverse1 (Waqas)

In the name of the most beneficent the most high
He who holds my soul before and after I die
See I'm lost in confusion so please help me lord
I wanna act right but can't play my cards right
Don't let me go astray show me the right path
So I can be amongst the righteous and not those who catch your wrath
Any fool can make a baby only a man can raise one
June 17th you granted me a son
I know the first look is forgiven but the second isn't
But I'm already at my 5th lord now I wish I´d listened
To the truth I know a part of it still in denial
If I knew what your loved one knew I would barely smile


Rapverse2 (Lenny)

Perdón seńor
Por todos mis pecados
Aquí estoy llorando
Ante mi cama arrodillado
Seńor mío yo he pecado
Seńor mío yo he herido
A un ser muy querido
A un ser al que yo amo
Y que siempre he respetado
Yo rezo a que la cuides
Que las penas tu le quites
Alúmbrale sus pasos
Y los fríos de sus ańos
Suplico la bendigas
Dale paz a cada uno de sus días
Bésale el camino
Hacerla feliz yo no ha podido
Es lo único que te pido
Te lo ruego
En el nombre del Padre
Del Hijo y el Espíritu Santo


Forgive me my Lord
For all my sins
Here I am crying
Kneeled before my bed
My Lord I've sinned
My Lord I've hurted
A dear one
Someone I love
And always have respected
I pray you to take care of her
And that her sorrow you'll take away
Illuminate her steps
And the cold of her years
I supplicate you to bless her
Give peace to every single one of her days
Kiss her way
Coz I couldn't make her happy
This is the only thing I pray to you for
I beg you
In the name of the Father
The Son and the Holy Spirit


The Lord gon'
Be there


Rapverse3 (Isam)

Dry ya tears sis I can't stand seeing ya cry
U got so much heart for a lil' girl
U worry like mom
6 years old and she already reads the fam like a book
How come u're so sad kid, don't u worry 'bout it too
So she rather sit next to me so I can explain how it is
How it ain't true her brother is jobless because of his Diin
And it's b.s. when her sista claims her name was the reason for beef
And the fam is full of it when they tell her we gon' leave
Yeah I'm lying to her, but only to see that smile on her face
I'm her role model, whut??? I gots to give the kid faith!!!
I'm prayin that one day she'd be on top of the world
As this pearl puts her veil on
And runs out to her girls…


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