Choice Millionaire Poets of the fall

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Cars in the night, cut through the mist
Baby suns for eyes, diamonds on your wrist
Twist in the scheme, a permeating theme
A violin crescendo

Dark violet skies over seas of lead
Hard violent fights, red sun will set
Like a rivulet, like a tear beget
A clear innuendo

Silence of the mind ever deafening
Rain on the roof ever prattling
Straddling truth for the pain you gain for pain
Some bill of rights

Daring getaways, steamy masquerades
Famine of all wars, whores and escapades
Jack of Spades in silk brocades
Velvet nights in city lights

It's a wide wide world out there
And life can be a love affair
Or a cage of sheer despair
You’re a choice millionaire

It's a wide wide world out there
You can travel in your easy chair
So build your castles in the air
You’re a choice millionaire

Because no one needs any more confessions

Shadows cast without a streak of fear
Moments past, held so dear
A lock of hair, a touch of lip
A lashing whip

Subliminal love for the ones you hate
LOL as I abbreviate
Alleviate if you can relate to the pink slip
Of love unzipped

Minutes burning till seconds pop
Silhouettes dancing till the curtains drop
Stop before you lose your mojo
Your fear of heights

Hot passion flares every pipe dream
Concussion, blindness of a regime
A scream incites, the air ignites
The city lights

It's a wide wide world out there...

So put a lacquer on your hunger
Parade the sky that you're under
Without heedless impressions
No one needs more confessions

It's a wide wide world out there...

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