2000 miles Pretenders

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GHe's gone,C  D  G 
2000 Cmiles,D   G 
CIs Dvery Gfar. C  D 
GThe snows Cfalling DdownG.
It's Ccolder Dday by dayG.
CI miss DyouG.  C  D 

CThe Dchildren were singing,
CHe'll be Dback at Christmas Gtime. C  D  G 

GAnd these Cfrozen and Dsilent Gnights,
CSometimes Din a Gdream,
CYou aDppeaGr.  C  D 
GOutside,Cunder the Dpurple Gsky
CDiamonds Din the Gsnow
CSparkleD  G  C  D 
COur Dhearts were singing,
CIt Dfelt like Christmas Gtime.C  D  G  C  D 

G2000 CmileDs. G 
Is very Cfar through the DsnowG 
I'll Cthink of DyouG 
CWherever you Dgo.C  D 

GHe's goneCD  G 
2000 CmilesDG 
CIs very DfarGC  D 
GThe snows Cfalling DdownG,
It's Ccolder Dday by Gday.
CI miss DyouG.  C  D 

CI can Dhear people singing,
CIt Dmust be Christmas Gtime.C  D 

CI Dhear people singing,
CIt Dmust be Christmas Gtime.

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