Once Przewalski's Ponies

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Tell me sister,
Tell me sister,
When you look up in the sky
Do you feel any guilt?
Do you ask yourself why
Am I looking down on you
And my tears won't dry.
There is no one [on the Moon/up there]
Who would hear me cry.

And every day
I beg to be freed
And every night
You don't answer me.

Your burning eyes
Are scorching my soul.
Oh, Tia, why
You feel no sympathy at all?

Ref. 1:

But at the era's end
I will be back again,
Your castle crumbles
And your reign shall be no more.

New ruler will arise,
Old tyrant get despised.
Oh my dear sister
You should know that you will pay...

You really should know...

That you will pay!


And the eternal night!
Will fall!

And I
Will rule them all!

Tia, I say 'Goodbye!'

Now I won't ever be alone...

Ver. 2:

Tell me, princess, have you ever been alone?
Stone is cold and you don't seem to show
Those pesky ponies that the fire is burning here
Can you sleep at night knowing that I'm near?

So many nights, so many days
I struggle in your garden's maze
I wish you'd feel the way I feel
Eternal bore and endless hours staying still...

Ref. 2:

But at the darkest night
I shall regain my might,
You cannot stop me from reclaiming what is mine!
My chocolate rain will fall,
Your petty kind I shall control,
Oh my dear princess, I am coming once again...
And I'll bring all of my wonderfull chaos with me
Once again!

No one Had been
With me!
And I Wish
you would see it.
Tia, I wish you well,
I wish you all -
All the loneliness there's in this world.



Chained and banished we are waiting for that day
When we get this one chance to ease down our pain.
It hurts so much to know that there's not a single one
Who would care for you and who won't tell you to be gone...

And this exile!
It will not end
This solitude!
This outcast brand!

What's this? You see
The bonds are gone!
We can go back!
A voice is calling us to come

Ref. 3:

I can't believe that I am home again...
I am so glad that I am free again!
Oh my dear Tia, I'm so glad to be with you!
I have missed you oh so much,
Princess, I was very wrong,
You are my sister...
Tia, won't you be my...

New era is to come,
I feel overwhelmed with joy
This feeling is so strange
I love to see you smile!
You can rise the summer sun with joy now
I will use my magic just for good
You are my sister...
Tia, won't you be my friend?
My friend...
My dearest friend.

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