First day of my life Rasmus

Tekst piosenki i chwyty na gitarę

  • Chwyty na gitarę Krissek1992

AmFeel like I'm stoFned
Fwanna be alDmone, just for a whEile, unknAmown
AmWeeks on the rFoad a long way from hDmome
Dmjust shut off the phEone

And yAmou say I'll hFeal you,
I'll aDmlways be yEours
and yAmou say I'll kCill you if DmI do soFmething wErong

Dm Still feels like the Gfirst time
C to stand here by yAmour side
Dm together regGardless
C we'll walk through the dAmarkness
Dm Still fells like the fiErst day of my lAmife

Remember the times
together we swore, never give up this life
still hanging on, still going strong
here I belong

And maybe I'm crazy
but I just can't slow down
And maybe I'm crazy
but at least I'm still around

Still feels like the first time
to stand here by your side
together regardless
we'll walk through the darkness
Still fells like the first day of my life

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