Show me the way Ray Wilson

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It was all or nothing
This much I know
A chance I had to take
My Instincts I followed
And If I do regret it
It’s just a lesson learned
Could you stay another day?

It’s all a blessing
I should tell myself
It’s all for a reason
And only a cry for help
And maybe next time
I’ll find a different way
To stay another day

Just show me the way
Show me the way x5

How long, how long
Is there time enough to change it?
How long, how long
Will I know when I have found it?
Stay in my life
Teach me how to find my way
Stay here, all eyes
Are upon you hoping
Would you help me?
Just show me the way
Show me the way x5

I feel you close to me at night
I always know that you are there
There is a part of me that walks alone
Until I see you again

I’m not taking me easy way out
Taking the easy way out
I’m not taking the easy way out
Of here, of here, of here

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