Epilogue: Confidental Architecture Reencarnación

Tekst piosenki

  • Tekst piosenki Redakcja

Estan uendi sín
mísh tu-trak quen ord
vírsth ensank fiz
línir tu-turh kar
vísh nerz tu-corth
arlers darst ord
mahríes ortan kohte
estan uendi stramd.


New crucifixion is going to be
in insanity, everybody attend
and the cruxified will laugh at
the deep fear that invades to us.
Now quiet he will sing,
angel and devil will be with him,
they'll joint at a new road will
indicate the treasure of his
sentence, his pray.
Some will go behind, sticking
non senses on his back that
is already losing in heaven;
some others will multiply
in doctrines and churches
not worry about mercy
that sorrounds the promised
favour, the paradise, covered
by the fire.
And others more, those with blue
breas, they will love him, and
with that will be enough.


Erzt norzt desnark
vírrk endrat tu-kurt
jofsh uendi sín
endrat tu-kurt vírrk
norzt desnark erzt.

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