Boom boom Rihanna

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She got it for me
Leave a message on mi phone she want me
She cry a lot of tears nuff like a real tsunami
Listen up cuz shawty wants me to meet her mommy
From the first time she saw me

I'll give gifts and I'll write love lettas
When I'm around everything seem betta
Woman fi get romance everytime
Make chills run down dem spine
Speak ya mind!

Boy you make my heart go
Boom Boom Boom
You know when you get mi hot it go
Boom Boom Boom
When you touch me like that it go
Boom Boom Boom
You know when you hit de spot it go
Boom Boom Boom

She lose it fuh real when mi
Touch her touch her
Take it real slow nah
Rush her rush her
Tonight mi a go stown and chiney
Brush her
Never had it like this
And me well wa bus her
Touched her and she lost it
I can see it on her face
She shakin' I can feel it
When she is in my embrace.
She say!

Zoom, Zoom
Zoom Zoom Zoom
Rude bwoy lovin mi give her make her heart go
Boom, Boom
Boom Boom Boom
Messin' around and makin out in da car
Buy her gifts oda day just becah
My game so tight it's like I aint
Got no flaws
Went clubbin' and I paid for a whole entourage
I'm a sweetheart plus I give a mean foot massage

My love is percolating
Cuz I'm anticipating
(I know what you want)
This love that we be sharin'
Has got me...

She hit mi wicked like cricket cricket
When she use her hips and flick it flick it
She sed she love when she and da rude bwoy kick it
Mek she scream all night cuz meh have her ticket

De okay round ting don't burn out minutes
Seen a lot of guys tryin but guess who win it
She love de marathon she nah like run wit it
She want slow motion till she reach her limit
Touched her and she lost it I can see it on her face
She shakin I can feel it when she is in my embrace
She say!

Feeling weak, in my knees
Lost my mind, baby please
No control, ohh fire when my baby give me stars like this

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