I Was Only Joking Rod Stewart

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AEver since I was a A7+ kid at school
A7I messed around with Dall the rules
d Apologized then rAealized I'm not dEifferent after Aall
Me & the boys thought we A7+ had it sussed A7Valentinos Dall of us
d My dad said we looked reAdiculous but Eboy we broke some hAearts

In and out of jobs rA7+ unnin free A7wagin war with soDciety
d Some blank faces stare bAack at me & nEothin ever chAanged
Promises made in the A7+ heat of the night A7creepin home before it Dgot too light
d I wasted all that prAecious time and blEamed it on the wAine

  AI was only Djo-Eking  my dAear (my dear)
  Looking for a Dway to Ehide my fAear (my fear)
  What kind of Dfo-Eol was AI (was I)
  I could nEever win (never win) ......riff

ANever found a cA7+ omprimise A7collected lovers like Dbutterflies
d Illusions of that gArand first prizeE are slowly wAasted
Suzie baby you were A7+ good to me A7givin' love unsDelfishly
d But you took it all too sAeriously
EI guess it had to Aend

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