Tommorow Is A Long Time Rod Stewart

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Capo 3rd fret

Intro: G6 G G6 G

GIf today was not an C/Gendless hGighway
GIf tonight was not a cC/Grooked tGrail
If tomCorrow wasn't such a lGong time
Then lConesome would mean nDothing to you at Gall

  Yes, and Conly if my Down true love was Gwaitin'
  Yes, and Cif I could hear her Dheart a-softly Gpoundin'
  COnly if Dshe was lyin' Gby me
  Then I'd Clie in my Dbed once aGgain.

I can't see my reflection in the water
I can't speak the sounds that show no pain
I can't hear the echo of my footsteps
Or can't remember the sound of my own name

There's beauty in the silver, singing river
There's beauty in the sunrise in the sky
But none of these and nothing else can touch the beauty
That I remember in my true love's eyes.

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