California Blue Roy Orbison

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Working all Dday and the sun don't Gshine
Trying to get Aby and I'm just killing Dtime
I feel the rain fall the whole night Gthrough
Far away from e youA California Dblue D7

California Gblue dreaming all aDlone
Nothing else to A7do California Dblue D7
Everyday I Gpray I'll be on my Dway
Saving love for A7you California Dblue

A7One sunny day, I'll get Dback again
GSomehow, someAway but I Ddon't know when
California Ablue, California Dblue

Living my life with you on my mind         D G
Thinking of things that I left far behind  A D
It's been so long doing all I can do       D G
To get back to you California blue         e A D (D7)

California blue dreaming all alone      G D
Nothing else to do California blue      A7 D (D7)
Everyday I pray I'll be on my way       G D
Saving love for you California blue     A7 D

One sunny day, I'll get back again      A7 D
Somehow, someway but I don't know when  G A D
California blue, California blue        A D

Still missing e youA California Dblue |x3

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