The Hearse Song Rusty Cage

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a  F a  E
a  F a  E a 
[Zwrotka 1]

     a               F
Dont ever laugh as a hearse goes by
    a              E
For you may be the next to die
     a                F
They wrap you up in a big white sheet
a                   E       a 
From your head down to your feet

[Zwrotka 2]
     a            F
They put you in a big black box
    a                 E
And cover you up with dirt and rocks
    a                  F
And all goes well for about a week
    a                  E       a 
And then your coffin begins to leak

[Zwrotka 3]
        a                   F
And the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out
    a                   E
The worms play pinochle on your snout
     a                   F
They eat your eyes, they eat your nose
     a               E          a 
They eat the jelly between your toes

 [Chorus 1]
  F                   a 
A big green worm with rolling eyes
  E                          a 
Crawls in your stomach and out your eyes
     F               a 
Your stomach turns a slimy green
    E                   a 
And puss comes out like whipping cream
    F              a 
You spread it on a slice of bread
    E                   a 
And that's what you eat when you’re dead

 [Verse 4]
        a                       F
And the worms crawl out and the worms crawl in
    a                       E
The worms that crawl in are lean and thin
    a                       F
The ones that crawl out are fat and stout
     a                     E          a 
Your eyes fall in and your hair falls out


     F                    E         a 
Your brain comes tumbling down your snout

 [Verse 4]
       a                   F
And the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out
     a                   E
They crawl all over your dirty snout
     a                       F
Your chest caves in and your eyes pop out
     a              E     a 
Your brain turns to sauerkraut

[Refren 2]
       F                       a 
They invite their friends, and their friends too
     E                a 
They all come down to chew on you
    F               a 
And this is what it is to die
  E              a 
I hope you had a nice goodbye

       a               F
Did you ever think as a hearse goes by
     a                E
That you might be the next to die
         a                      F
And your eyes fall out and your teeth decay
    a                    E          a 
And that is the end of a perfect... day

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