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e Autumfisn in GNew YAork e   
fisWhy does iGt seAem   e   
fisso iGnvitiAng? e    fis    G  A 
e Autumfisn in GNew YAork
e It spfisells Gthe tAhrill e   
fisof  G  A  fe irstfis-nigGhtiAng

Ge littfiserinGg Acrowds
ag nd shFimmeBbring Cclouds
Ia n caGnyoCns E7of steea l  G  C  E7  
Ta hey'rGe mCakiE7ng me feea l  G  C  E7  
a I'm GhomCe  E7  
a G C E7

It's e autufismn inG NewA York
e It brfisings thGe proAmise e of nfisew lGoveA,
e of nfisew lGoveA 
a AutuGmn Cin E7New York
c Is od ften EbminglFed with pain
c d Eb F

d Dreae mersF withC emptyd hane ds  F   C 
d May e sighF forC exotid c lae nds F   C 

It's e autufismn in GNewA York  g   
Ita 's good tBbo liveC it agd ain..e .   F   a   
d e F a

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Katarzyna Szostak

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