Not In That Way Sam Smith

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ADnd fisI hate to b say I lovGe you
When Dit'fiss so hardb for mGe
AndD I fishate to say b I want Gyou
When Dyou make ifist so clear
You don'tb wantG me

I'd nevb er ask you cause deep down
I'm Acertain I know wDhat yGou'd say
You'd sayb I'm sorry believe me
I loAve you but not iDn thAat way

And DI hfisate to say b I need Gyou
I'm so Dreliant
I'm so fisdependent
I'm sucb h a fooGl

GWhen yb ou're nAot there
DI find mAyself singGing the blues
Can't beb ar
Can't face tAhe truth

You wilDl nfisever know b that feeGling
You wilDl nfisever see througb h thesGe eyes

I'd nevb er ask you
Cause deep dAown I'm certain DI knoGw what you'd say
You'd sayb I'm sorry

Believe me
I loAve you
But not in b that wfisay 

You'd say GI'm sorry

Believe me
I lAove you
But not in tDhat way

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