The Ballad of Buck Ravers SAMURAI

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[Zwrotka 1]
Lost another day to pointless drudgery
The slow chipping away of my autonomy
A rodent in a race unsung and underpaid
My colleagues seem to me like slaves in sheep-array
Then a shock goes through the herd at the nauseating purr
Of the corpos of the world when the content is secured
Cause they’re naked emperors hear the rattling of the purse
I hunger for the hearse cause nothing could be worse
Than a life lived as a limb in a debt anatomy
Rather be dead than a link in a chain of tyranny

Need a way to set it straight
Need to go out on the edge
Need to rage and get revenge
Need to feel myself again
Suit up punch in punch out non stop
Suit up punch in punch out get fucked

Pressured to mount the backs of my brothers
Clamber for clout year after year
The load multiplies up high on the ladder
The bottom falls out then so does the fear

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