In London so fair Sąsiedzi

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In London so fair a lady she lived there,          hsus4 h4/A hsus4 h4/A
A lady of great beauty and great might,            hsus4 A D7+ fis7
And unto this lady fair I became a servant there,  hsus4 h4/A G7+ A
And in me she took a great delight.                e7 fis7 hsus4 hsus4
hsus4 h4/A h4/G h4/F#
e7 fis7 hsus4 hsus4

This lady had a son of mirth and beauty born,
And he became a sailor on the sea,
And he courted that fair maid 'til he had her heart betrayed,
And then he was bound for the sea.

It happened one day in the bedroom where they lay,
And the tears from her eyes they down did flow,
Saying, "Young man you are going away so far from me to stray,
And to leave me on the shores for to mourn."

"Oh no, no", says he, "such things can never be,
For as long as I'm a sailor on the sea,
The ship that I command may she never reach the land
On the day that I prove false, love, unto thee."

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