Big Bright Beautiful World (reprise) Shrek The Musical

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It's a Cbig bright beautiful d7world with e7happiness D7all around,
It's Fpeaches and cream if e7our dream comes d7true  G 
It's a Cbig bright beautiful d7world with e7possibilities D7everywhere
If Ftrue love is blind maybe e7you won't mind the d7view.   G 

I aknow I'm not the handsome Cprince
For Fwhom you've waited.   G 
I don't ahave a fancy castle and I'm Gnot sophisticated.
A Fprincess and ogre I adGmit is complicated.
You've d7never read Dsus2a book like this,
but fairy talesC should really Cbe upFdated G 

It's a Cbig bright beautiful d7world. I e7see it now I'll D7let it in
I'll Ftear down a wall and e7clear a spot for d7two   G 
To be with yoCu

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